Do you feel Miserable, ANGRY or Unsatisfied?

I help Christian Husbands, Dads & Elite Businessmen Earning 7-9 Figures to Eliminate "Head Trash" And Get Their Better Future.

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Imagine next week...

- it's a cheerful Monday. At 9:30 AM, you grab your coffee and go to work.

You're feeling the caffeine starting to rush in your blood… it's time to make $$$.

You arrive at your office feeling fantastic - your suit is chiseled and you smell spectacular.

You swagger in, a confident grin across your face, looking like "The Man"…

You fire the metaphoric starting pistol and the hustle begins.

You work so hard that day, the Jordan Belfort-veins start to pop up…

… You've made the money, you've conquered the world and you're satisfied with yourself. You've won enough battles today.

It's 10:15 PM - you're coming back home to your family with a joker-like smile on your face. Accomplished. Victorious.

You step at the door, get the keys and unlock the door.

But as soon as you enter…

It's a completely different reality.

You get this weird sickening feeling. You don't know what happened…

You feel angry all of the sudden. You can't look at your wife or your kids without making an uncomfortably awkward and angry face.

You hear one of your kids scarefully whisper “oh, dad's home…” and your wife responds “don't worry, just act normal” like some abductor infiltrated the house.

Your face starts to fade into misery and depression as you go up the stairs to have a shower…

You shed a tear while remembering a quote in your mind: “money. buys. happiness…” 

As motivating as it sounds - it's totally WRONG.

Money and success are awesome… But if you have no one to genuinely love and share that success with - then the money is pointless.

You feel like a stranger in your own home. Who are these people? And why don't they appreciate you the way you deserve? Do they even know how much you sacrifice for them?

You're missing a crucial bridge between your success, and your personal life. The bridge is missing because of all the "rocks" in your head. ROCKS means head trash.

And if you don't fix this spiritual/mental problem - you'll always be seen as the “monster” in your kids’ eyes. They'll grow up telling their friends, "My dad's an A-hole!"

You'll continue to be nothing more than the roommate in your wife's bed.

You'll stay depressed, miserable, and always angry when you're home.

You will never be satisfied with your success, no matter how successful ... if there is no bridge between your success and your home/family life.

You're at the top now… but tomorrow isn't promised to anyone so why not live powerfully and enjoy every moment? Why live your life with anger problems, marriage issues, and a big black hole of depression in your heart?...

If you want to live a true life of happiness with your wife, friends, and kids - then you must get rid of these rocks ASAP.

Brother, if you're serious about getting your better future of satisfaction and happiness… and possibly (for the first time) become not the perfect man but the actual protector of your family (not the “monster”).

Then book a call with me and I'll show you how easy it is to permanently get rid of your head trash, and change your mental poverty into "mental wealth", thus becoming the true man you are.


Dr. Bill (age 42)

Dr. Bill went from waking up everyday wanting to "crawl under a rock" mostly from guilt/shame around his porn habit to his wife 100% forgiving him, which immediately added a new level of intimacy to their sex life that he didn't even think was possible. Giddy-up!

After working with Joseph ⤵️

...Dr. Bill's practice DOUBLED going from $640K to $1.4M in 12 months - CHA-CHING!

What Rocks?

(ROCKS means Head Trash)

The "rock" that’s standing between you and true success. The rock that’s wedged itself between you and your loved ones. That secret rock that WEIGHS YOU DOWN – every single day.

We’re going to blast those rocks to smithereens.

Why do we keep tripping over the same rocks?

Because we don’t know they’re there. Men think it’s normal to be constantly weighed down, blocked and irritated because that’s how life has always been.

Instead of eliminating the rocks, we shift them from one side of our backs to the other. We sidestep the rocks. We roll the rocks aside. But they keep showing up again and again.

It’s time to explode your rocks – ONCE AND FOR ALL.

You’ve tried professional counseling. How did that go? You uncovered some rocks. You talked about your rocks in therapy. But you’re still dealing with them. We'll show you how to eliminate the rocks – permanently.

Mental ROCKS

Eliminate the stupid thinking that holds you back.

​​❎ Is your brain so scattered and foggy, that you're not following through with things?

❎ Are you saying you want to do all these goals, but you're not pulling the trigger, and you're doing this in crucial areas of your life?

​❎ Are you trying to escape your life by vaping, drinking, or watching porn, ... or you’ve been asking yourself, "Can I do it? Do I have what it takes? Is it gonna work?"


Brother, you're going to...

  • Have REAL conversations that you don’t get to have with anybody

  • Approach life without any fear of rejection

  • Eliminate impostor syndrome and fully accept yourself

Business ROCKS

Clear your path and keep moving forward.

​​❎ Do you over indulge in drinking, work 10-20 hour days while doing it all, and you're kind of a workaholic?

​❎ Do you get so hyper focused on business that sometimes the people in your life take a back seat?

❎ Do you feel like you're just so close but you're just missing that one little bit to get you to the next step?



Brother, you're going to...

  • Stop being a workaholic ... you'll work 10-15 hours less a week

  • Kill the "Lone Wolf" - finally replace yourself in your role and scale your business

  • Create new possibilities and achieve previously unattainable results

  • You're going to experience massive increase in your revenues and profits

Marriage ROCKS

Learn the real reason you’re losing intimacy with your wife.

​❎ Does your marriage have the love and the potential but there's a 5% something there that just needs to be fixed...and you're both stuck?

​❎ Have you fallen out of love with the woman that you were once madly in love with years ago?

❎ Are you letting down your wife or she's constantly letting you down?


Brother, you're going to...

  • Eliminate anger issues in your marriage

  • Create peaceful communication with your wife

  • Release bitterness, resentment & unforgiveness

  • Finally break your porn habit

Parenting ROCKS

Why you feel guilty as a Dad and how to obliterate it.

​❎ Are you parenting your kids but not connecting with them?

​❎ Do you have too many rocks on your plate and you're getting more and more frustrated, which is turning into anger?

​❎ Do you see your kids looking at you and they're disappointed because you let them down, or you think you're a bad father?


Brother, you're going to... 

  • Build stronger connections with your children

  • Learn how to prioritize your kids without neglecting your work

  • Get access to new tools for healthy parenting

  • Look forward to coming home from now on

Spiritual ROCKS

Feel connected to God and align yourself to His plan.

​❎ Do you think you need to read the Bible more, be more spiritual, or ‘have it all together’ before you're ready to fulfill God's purpose?

​❎ Are you amped up or frantic with a lot of anxiety or you're OFF and ON bipolar / depression medicines?

❎ When you wake up, do you just want to crawl under a rock?


Brother, your going to...

  • Go from being a "people pleaser" to a man who always keeps his word

  • Learn to put down the crushing weight of your own destiny

  • Achieve lasting freedom from addictions/ prescription medications

  • Find purpose again and align with God's calling on your life

About Joseph Warren

Joseph Warren is the host of Broken Catholic, the #1 Podcast on iTunes for Protestants AND Catholics! ​He is also the host of Your FIRST $100K, a Top 100 Podcast in Entrepreneurship!

Joseph Warren started his first 7 figure business at age 19 and wasted away his 20's trying to find happiness through money, success and pleasure. HE MADE MILLIONS --- but then lost it all and considered taking his own life.

Today, having triumphed through multiple failed businesses and broken relationships, Joseph Warren is Founder and Elite Men's Coach at BlowUpRocks, the #1 coaching program in the world for Christian Husbands who want to go from Angry & Unfulfilled to PEACE & PURPOSE in 90 days or less ... GUARANTEED.

He married his dream girl Falon in 2019 and loves being an epic dad to his three children: Alora, Asher and "Coming Soon!"

What Joseph's Clients and Fans Say...

"The best investment you can make both personally and for those your love!"

​- Curtis Carlin, U.S. Marine Colonel (Retired)

"Unlock the opportunities that you're not taking advantage of!"

​- JCron, President of

"Best investment I've ever made, ridiculous how many breakthroughs I've had!!"

​- Brian Dixon, 7 Figure Business Owner

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  • Understand the cause of your anger & stress, and discuss what strategies are out there for you.

More Success Stories:

"After the coaching, I feel so at peace. I'm grounded, connected and powerful."

​- O.P. Almaraz, CEO & 8 Figure Business Owner

"I found my calling again and renewed joy in owning my company."

​- Warren Hino, CEO & 8 Figure Business Owner

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"Went from $40K/month to 6 FIGURES per month! I'm a better man because of working with Joseph. He really cares."

​- Dustin Sciara, Digital Marketer Expert & 7 Figure Business Owner

"Before my life looked great on the outside; it really sucked on the inside. I now have JOY in my life and I show up at 100%!"

​- Scott Ritzheimer, CEO & 7 Figure Business Owner

"Joseph's questions are illuminating and transformative.

He pushed our minds to stretch and imagine even new answers!"

Mark Victor Hansen, World's #1 Best-Selling Author

-Co-Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul (Over 500 Million Copies Sold)

"Before Joseph, I didn't get to have these conversations anywhere else."

-BRYAN REEVES, Top Relationship Blogger (30 Million Readers)

"Joseph helped me get unstuck and take my business (and myself) to the next level!"

-DANIEL GOMEZ, Top Speaker, Trainer & Award-Winning Podcaster

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